Alexander Kozlov | CTO, CloudBEAR presents Use cases for RISC-V processor IP Commercial cores for real life applications at 4/22 15:00-15:30 Japan Standard Time

4/22 15:00-15:30 Japan Standard Time

4/21 23:00-23:30 pm US California Time

4/22 8:00-8:30 am European Time GMT+1

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Presenter: Alexander Kozlov | CTO, CloudBEAR

Bio: Alexander Kozlov is co-founder and CTO of CloudBEAR. Alexander has more than 15 years’ experience in developing software/hardware solutions based on FPGA and ASIC design. He has Master degree an EECS from Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnical University. He started his carrier as ASIC design engineer, then moved to algorithms and hardware architecture research. He has focused on microarchitecture/algorithms co-design in telecommunication and multimedia processing systems. Before CloudBEAR he held various engineering management positions in hardware companies.

Company Information: CloudBEAR provides commercial RISC-V processor IP. CloudBEAR’s BM, BR, BI series are covering a wide range of applications from small low-power microcontrollers to high-performance accelerators and Linux capable devices

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