Tenstorrent is a Platinum Sponsor of RISC-V Day on June 20, 2023

Tenstorrent is a Platinum Sponsor of RISC-V Day on June 20, 2023: Ticket Info: https://peatix.com/event/3553721/view

Tenstorrent is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices in Austin, Texas and San Diego, California. TenTorrent focuses on developing AI processors, especially in the application development of autonomous driving automotive applications.

One of the reasons for the recent establishment of a branch office in Japan is that Japan is a global leader in the automobile industry, and the self-driving market in Japan is expected to grow in the future, so we decided to enter the Japanese self-driving market. It is said that it is aimed at.

One of Tenstorrent’s missions is to accelerate the development of autonomous driving applications by providing highly flexible AI processors. Tenstorrents technology can provide the high-performance data processing capabilities required for autonomous driving on both the edge side and the data center side, so it is expected to play an important role in the development of autonomous driving vehicles. It has been.

The establishment of Tenstorrent’s Japanese subsidiary will enable the company to focus on the Japanese market and enhance its global competitiveness. This is part of Tenstorrent’s strategy for further growth in the AI processor field, and will increase the company’s presence in the autonomous driving market.

Recently, new information has been released regarding the AI processor developed by TenTrent. The Tensix core developed by the company uses the RISC-V instruction set architecture. It seems that the same core also has an Arc core that runs Linux. There is information that the internal control core uses RISC-V and the core that controls the whole uses the Arc core to improve flexibility and cost efficiency.

Tenstorrent aims to develop its business in AI processors and has published a roadmap for its next-generation products. In addition to Blackhole and Wormhole, which are currently in development, the company is also developing products called Quasar and Grendel, which are scheduled to be launched in 2024. These products achieve high computational performance by specializing them for inference and learning respectively.

Quasar is equipped with D2D (Die-to-Die) I/F and can be used as a component for chiplet business. In addition, Grendel is completely chiplet configuration, and is premised on using a combination of CPU chiplets, AI chiplets, and memory I/F and tertiary cache chiplets.

Tenstorrent also provides libraries for working with AI processors, providing not only high-level frameworks, but also bare-metal libraries for working directly with Tensix cores. The company says that adopting the RISC-V core for its AI processor has the advantage of facilitating the porting of development tools.

By entering the autonomous driving market, Tenstorrent aims to grow its business as an AI processor. The company is expected to contribute to the development of self-driving vehicles by providing the advanced data processing capabilities required for self-driving cars. Also, by focusing on growth in the AI processor space, the company will be able to increase its competitive edge and increase its presence in the market.

The above is described as far as the RISC-V Association can understand, but it is not completely understood, so further explanation may be sloppy. At RISC-V Days, which will be held on June 20th in Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, the University of Tokyo, there will be three people from Tenstorrent, including CEO Jim Keller.