Call for Proposal draft of poster session for RISC-V Day Tokyo 2023 Summer released.

The following content is still a draft. Please check the final version as it is subject to change.

1. Purpose of the Poster Session: The goal of RISC-V Day is to provide a forum for participants to engage in wide-ranging discussions on not only specialized technical topics but also socially important issues, and to offer a platform for exchanging opinions. In addition to company presentations, we hold poster sessions to share opinions and ideas from various perspectives. In the world of semiconductors, as we face the end of Moore’s Law, changing the computational approach is the only solution to increase computational power while keeping power consumption in check. Therefore, it is important to discuss how to adopt new architectures and create a sustainable computing environment as a community. RISC-V Day participants seek a forum for deepening diverse discussions, and the purpose of the poster session is to share individual opinions and provide a platform for direct debate.

2. Intents: In the 2020s, the process scaling brought about by Moore’s Law has come to an end, and power scaling required for the same computation no longer progresses naturally.
(1) The power demand of data centers is increasing yearly as a proportion of total power demand, but from a sustainability perspective, an increase in power consumption is not acceptable.
(2) On the other hand, the demand for computation is increasing every year, especially in AI processing where there is a growing need for tasks beyond C language program processing. With the emergence of large-scale demands such as ChatGPT, the expansion of computational needs is evident.
(3) In light of this situation, changing the computational method is necessary to accommodate the increase in computational demand while maintaining sustainability. In other words, a change in architecture is required.
It is important to deepen discussions on how to realize a sustainable computing environment within the community, and RISC-V Day aims to provide a forum for all participants to broadly join this discussion and exchange opinions.

3. Themes: RISC-V Day is soliciting poster sessions in the following areas. These themes demonstrate new approaches to address the expansion of computational needs and sustainability challenges.
(1) RISC-V: Implementation methods for instruction sets, microarchitecture, integrated circuits, IP, chips, systems, and software, as well as RISC-V extensions and customization

(2) Open-source hardware reform: Open silicon, digital IP, analog IP, open IP, open EDA tools, open process development kits (PDK), open foundries, etc., initiated by RISC-V

(3) Security technologies for open architectures

(4) IoT, AIoT

(5) Innovative computing field 1: Quantum computing

(6) Innovative computing field 2: Homomorphic Encryption, secret computing, techniques for performing calculations while data remains encrypted, and data analysis techniques that enhance privacy protection

We are seeking poster sessions on a wide range of RISC-V related topics, not limited to the above. We will review new ideas, research results, business applications, etc., with an open spirit, so please feel free to apply.

4. Schedule: Please submit poster session proposals by following the deadlines below.
(1) General participants: Please submit proposals by May 31st. If the proposal is submitted early, we will notify you of the acceptance or rejection results before May 31st.

(2) International participants: Considering the extra time needed for visa and travel arrangements, the deadline for submitting proposals is set at May 15th.

(3) Please note that submissions received after the deadline will not be accepted.

5. Submission Requirements: The requirements for submitting a proposal for the poster session are as follows. Please create your proposal according to these requirements.

CFP Email Submission Page: [CFP] RISC-V Day Poster Session Submission Form

(1) Format: Submit in text format in an email.

(2) (Required) Title: Provide both Japanese and English titles. The Japanese title should be approximately 30 characters, and the English title should be about 120 characters.

(3) (Required)  Abstract: Briefly describe the relevance of the field, current situation, problem-solving strategies, or new results.

(4) (Required) Content: Explain the methods, techniques, technologies, implementation, or ideas.

(5) (Option) References: List relevant literature. Materials (PDF) related to the poster session.

(6) (Required) Representative Presenter information: Clearly state the name, affiliation, contact information, and phone number.

(7) Size: A0 size (vertical). The font should be around 32 points, so the audience can read it.

(8) Submission method: Use email or file transfer. Domestic participants should submit by May 31st, and international participants by May 15th. Email address: . Please include “RVD2023Summer-Call-for-Paper-Application” in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation email please check it.

(9) Web publication: The poster PDF, video, and participant BIO will be published within two months. If you do not agree to the web publication, please indicate so in your application file.

6. Eligible Participants: The following are eligible participants for the poster session:
(1) Researchers, students, and engineers interested in RISC-V architecture, open hardware, and related technologies

(2) People interested in related research, development, and application fields

(3) Engineers, researchers, and developers from companies and organizations using related technologies

(4) The poster session welcomes students and young engineers. Corporate researchers and company representatives can also participate, but commercial themes are excluded. RISC-V Day emphasizes technical discussions and the development of the field, expecting presentations of the latest research results from various fields. We welcome presentations from diverse perspectives and aim to expand the RISC-V community.

(5) Sponsorship is required for commercial presentations. Please inquire separately about sponsorship.

7. Poster Session Schedule

Date: June 20, 2023 (Monday)

Location: Ito International Academic Research Center, Ito Hall of Appreciation, University of Tokyo


9:00-12:00 Reception starts, venue setup, poster installation

11:30-12:00 Poster session introduction

12:00-13:30 Lunchtime and poster viewing

13:30-14:30 Poster session Part 1

14:30-15:00 Break

15:00-16:00 Poster session Part 2

19:30-20:00 Closing session, poster removal, and venue teardown

This is an example schedule. To make it easier for participants to view posters, there is a poster viewing time during lunchtime. Breaks are also scheduled during the poster sessions to ensure that participants can have comfortable discussions.

8. Notes

(1) Poster size: Please create the poster within A0 size (vertical 118.9cm x horizontal 84.1cm).

(2) Language: Create the poster in both Japanese and English. Please also provide the title and main headings in English.

(3) Submission deadline: The deadline for poster submission is set for June 10th.

(4) Presenter registration: Presenters exhibiting posters can participate for free. A DISCOUNT CODE will be provided to accepted presenters and their assistants. Please use the CODE to register in advance.

(5) Participation fee: Participation in the poster session is free of charge. However, you may be asked to help set up and tear down the poster session and demo booths on the day.

(6) Facilities: In the poster session, the organizers will provide the following facilities:

  • 180cm (vertical) x 90cm (horizontal) panel, small table, power supply, and wireless LAN

You can also prepare any other necessary equipment and supplies yourself.

9. Other

(1) Creation method: The poster size should be within A0 size (vertical 118.9cm x horizontal 84.1cm). Please also bring a printed copy of the poster manuscript in A4 size. Display photos and graphs as large and clear as possible. Pay attention to color usage when designing.

(2) Presentation notes: Posters will be displayed throughout the conference, but theme introductions will be held at designated times in the conference venue. The presentation time is planned to be 3 minutes. The assembly time will be announced separately, but please strictly adhere to the schedule for a smooth progress. Create a slide that summarizes the poster content in a clear and concise manner. Before the presentation, please check the operation of audio equipment.

(3) Rules for Q&A: Q&A is not planned, but if there is extra time, Q&A may be held. In that case, only the presenter should respond to questions. Make questions clear and concise, and fit within the presentation time. If there are many questions, there will be time constraints, so prioritize answering the most important questions. When answering questions, please try to provide accurate information, such as citing references.

(4) In this poster session, we plan to publish poster PDF data, videos, and participant BIOs on the WEB within 2 months. If you do not agree to the WEB publication of the presentation content, please indicate this in the application form. We will contact you with details about the publication later.

10. Contact: Secretariat – Saito (yasuyuki.saito<at>, Representative – Kawasaki (shumpei.kawasaki<at>   (<at> meens @)