Rapidus Initiates Construction of 2nm Wafer Fab in Hokkaido

Title: Rapidus Initiates Construction of 2nm Wafer Fab in Hokkaido

Excerpt: Japanese foundry startup Rapidus has started construction on its 2nm wafer fabrication plant, marking a significant development in semiconductor manufacturing. With a hiring spree underway, the company targets to have the fab operational by 2025, aiming to mass-produce 2nm chips by 2027. Facing industry giants like TSMC, Samsung, and Intel, Rapidus is supported by a $2.5 billion government subsidy and a partnership with IBM for chip technology. This ambitious project could face challenges, including skilled worker shortages, as seen in TSMC’s Arizona delays, and potential intellectual property disputes highlighted by a recent lawsuit involving IBM.

Author: Tobias Mann

Publication Date: Fri 1 Sep 2023

Source: The Register® 

URL: Rapidus ramps as construction begins on 2nm wafer fab

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