Going Nuclear: A Guide to SMRs and Nuclear-Powered Data Centers

I was finally able to find an article related to Mr. Jim Keller’s comment at RISC-V Day Tokyo Summer 2023 in June 2023 “In the United States, small nuclear reactors are the usual power source for AI data centers that consume large amounts of electrical power.” Mr. Jim Keller is a legendary computer architect who now works at Tenstorrent. Tenstorrent offers low-power RISC-V based AI accelerators for data centers. 

On Tuesday, January 16, 2024, at RISC-V Day Tokyo 2024 Winter, Wei Han of Tenstorrent, who developed the M series SoC for Apple iPhone and the A series SoC for Apple Mac, as the lead processor architect will give a presentation tentatively titled “Former Apple A | M series CPU designer explains design trade-offs in Ascalon RISC-V CPU: ARM vs. RISC-V, vectors vs. tensors, hardware vs. software.” 

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Title: “Going Nuclear: A Guide to SMRs and Nuclear-Powered Data Centers”
Author: Dave Sterlace
Published on: September 15, 2022
Source: Hitachi Energy
Read the full article here: Going Nuclear: A Guide to SMRs and Nuclear-Powered Data Centers

English Summary:

The article discusses the increasing energy demands of data centers and the growing interest in nuclear energy, particularly Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), as a sustainable solution. It highlights the industry’s challenges with power consumption, reliability, and carbon footprint. The piece also explores innovative strategies for sustainability, such as liquid cooling, renewable energy integration, and the potential role of data centers as energy producers and microgrid operators.