Call for Posters for Poster Session at RISC-V Day Tokyo 2023 Summer Deadline Extended until June 12

Call for Posters for Poster Session at RISC-V Day Tokyo 2023 Summer Deadline Extended until June 12

In this RISC-V Day, we will hold a poster session to share the latest technology and research. We are looking forward to your participation and interaction with many participants.

In order to increase researchers’ exposure, develop careers, provide feedback and learning, enhance communication skills, and discover their own characteristics, RISC-V Day will add the following activities to the regular poster session for those who wish to.

1. For researchers who hold a poster session, the conference participation fee will be free. A free book (300 pages) will be presented at the site.

2. Participants will be given the opportunity to give a podium presentation in addition to explaining the poster, and the presentation will be video recorded.

3. This recorded video will be posted on the web, along with a PDF for the presentation, reaching a wider audience.

4. On the web, the participant’s BIO (history) and research keywords will be posted, and we will make it a high page rank in search.

5. The presentation does not have to be new content. Introductions to existing research and projects are also welcome. It is an opportunity to introduce your interests and experiments.

6. For those who wish, we will prepare a desk and power supply. Participants can do demos.

The following are the same as a normal poster session, but let me explain the details.

7. Poster session participants are provided with individual panels (90cm x 180cm or 210cm), and it is suggested that they prepare an A0 size poster by themselves. If desired, a round table (90cm in diameter) will be set up next to the panel, and power and WiFi are planned to be provided.

8. The poster session is considered part of the presentation, and participants explain to visitors at their own panels.

9. We will arrange a coordination (including hosting) of the podium presentation.

10. Video recording, web creation, etc. will be prepared by the organizer.

Call for Themes: At RISC-V Day, we are calling for poster sessions on the following fields. These themes show new approaches to meet expanding computational needs and sustainability challenges.

(1) RISC-V technology: Instruction sets, microarchitecture, integrated circuits, IP, chips, systems, software, and the implementation of RISC-V extensions/customizations.

(2) Open Source Hardware Revolution: Open silicon starting with RISC-VGreen Computing: Techniques for reducing energy consumption in computing environments, including RISC-V based solutions.

(3) Hardware and Software Co-design: Examples and case studies showing the impact of RISC-V and open-source hardware on software development, and vice versa.

(4) AI and Machine Learning: Role of RISC-V in accelerating AI/ML workloads, customizing hardware for AI/ML, etc.

(5) Real World Applications: Industry or research projects that have used RISC-V in product development, research outcomes, etc.

(6) Security technologies for open architecture

(7) AIoT, IoT

(8) Innovative Computing Area 1: Quantum Computing

(9) Innovative Computing Area 2: Secret Computing – Privacy-enhancing data analysis technology represented by Homomorphic Encryption, which computes with encrypted data.

In addition to the above, we are soliciting poster sessions on a wide range of RISC-V related fields. We will review new ideas, research results, business applications, etc., with an open mind, so please feel free to apply.

Schedule: Please submit the poster session proposal according to the following deadlines.

(1) General Participants: Please submit proposals by May 31. If the proposal arrives early, we will inform you of the acceptance/rejection result before May 31.

(2) International Participants: Considering the margin for visa and travel procedures, the deadline for proposal submission

8:00-13:00 Setting up Booths and Poster Session

13:00-14:00 Lunch Break

13:00-14:00 Poster Session at Podium

Submission Guidelines:

The poster should be of A0 size, portrait orientation.

The title, authors and their affiliations should be clearly visible at the top of the poster.

The poster should be easy to read from a distance of 1.5 meters.

The authors are required to include an abstract (up to 250 words) along with their submission.

The authors should also provide up to 5 keywords that best represent the focus of their research.

The submission deadline is 30 days before the conference, i.e., 10th of June 2023. The applicant should be able to obtain VISA on his/hers own.

Assessment Criteria:

The posters will be judged based on the following criteria:

Originality and novelty of the research/idea.

Quality and clarity of the research methodology.

Relevance to the themes of the conference.

Quality of the poster design and presentation.


The best poster will be awarded at the closing ceremony of the conference, based on the assessment of the judges.

We look forward to your active participation in RISC-V Day! Let’s contribute to the evolution of computing technology and sustainability together with RISC-V.

(Note: Please ensure to adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines as recommended by the health authorities during the conference.)