Asking a Questions on Online RISC-V Days Tokyo 2021 Spring: April 22-23 9am-17pm Japan Standard Time

Asking a Question or Two Making a Comment or Two

  • We are fortunate that this is an online live conference. Our interaction is limited by the 15 second delay in mass transmission to the audience. So questions are raised via chat system of one form or another.
  • If you have any questions or comments about each lecture, please join RISC-V Association Slack enter the slack on # days-tokyo-2021-spring channel !
  • The reason why we recommend slack is due to the time constraints our presenters will not answer all questions or our Q&A staff sometimes miss your question. We do not like to see your brilliant question to be wasted.
  • Ideally please cut and paste presentation hashtag in the timetable below in your Slack entry. This way the presenter will be able to positively identify that your question is for him to answer and likely provide answer via Slack.
  • If you still want to ask questions on Twitter, please tweet with the hashtag attached under the presentation title of the program below. Actually programmer set up a magic. Note question via Twitter will not LAST like Slack but last for some time. Presenter is likely to answer your question here too.
  • You can also enter comments on Vimeo if you have logged in as a registered Vimeo user. Beware questions via Vimeo are very very ephemeral and often forgotten after the even tis over.

Demo Booth Information

  • We are offering “ Virtual Demo Booth ” as a new attempt to hold online. Interactive demos and Q & A sessions through live streams, as well as individual “private talks (Emails)”, are possible. Please experience this new attempt at RISC-V Day Tokyo!