RISC-V Day Tokyo 2020 on November 05-06 will be held as an online conference

As we have leaked, RISC-V Day Tokyo 2020, which has been booked at Nikkei Hall on November 05th this year, will be held on November 05-06th, with an online conference as the main focus.

Since the end of last year, we have had several meetings with RISC-V Foundation / International member companies in Japanese. When given a blank slate on how to organize RISC-V Day Tokyo 2020, it was easy to understand that he had a reasonable awareness of the current situation, innovative ideas, and concrete planning ability. We still have reservations for Nikkei Hall, and I think we can symbolically use an empty hall with seating for 610 people.

Corona quarantine measures are also an administrative issue that affects the lives of the people and the economy. The challenge of hosting RISC-V Day Tokyo 2020 forced me to understand that planning can only be realized if the organizers have a certain philosophy on the issue of coronavirus prevention.

There is great hope in all of this. One thing that online conferences do is save a tremendous amount of time and energy, both for the presenter and for the attendees. I was told by a member company that it is essential that the content of the presentation be specific. This might be a great opportunity to make RISC-V event more effective to actual workings of the regions.