Codasip Talks about How “Custom Compute” will Change the World

Codasip talks about how “custom computing” will change the world

‘Custom computing’ is at the heart of his Codasip strategy to change the direction of global electronics. Cody Simpson spoke about custom computing in Barcelona.

Today’s electronic devices are no longer a one-size-fits-all world. If we design electronic components using custom computing, our competitors will not be able to use our algorithms. Because they use the exact same standard processor. What those of us using Codasip can do is optimize the processor for specific workloads. This strategy gives you an “almost unfair” advantage for your product, your products, and your customers.

That came as no surprise to Codasip, which naturally led to RISC-V and the freedom it provides, to the current product design.

Codasip is a founding member of RISC-V. The company was actually founded earlier than that, so when the company first started, they built tools that allowed them to create their own processor designs. We found that no one designs their own processors from scratch, so we went with his RISC-V.

Codasip produced the first commercial RISC-V processor. Then what we do is we allow our customers to use processors that we fully license, so they can license their architecture and do whatever they want. , you will be able to use this to build your own version. You can customize and enhance it with updated RTL and updated software design kits.

This gives us an advantage in RISC-V, which is a key aspect of our overall strategy. I mean, I’ve practiced that code of conduct so many times that it’s great to see it being put to use now.

Security is a really great thing and when you talk to customers, everyone wants it, but sometimes they don’t really know what to do. It’s not a one-size-fits-all world. Not all security elements are required. It is possible that you only need certain elements in Custom Computing. With RISC-V processors, you can add only what you really need to differentiate your product.

Codasip is going down this path because the chips get bloated with too much hardware, power usage, etc. We have recently acquired a company with a large amount of IP in various security fields, and have also acquired other technologies, allowing our customers to then choose security with the most important flexibility for their overall project.f