RISC-V is expanding in applications from automobiles to enterprises — Commemorating 10 billion RISC-V core shipments — RISC-V JAPAN 2022 product award winners and award ceremony location released

In this article, in addition to the announcement of the press release on October 12, 2022, we will announce the RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Award and RISC- The winners of the V JAPAN 2022 Product Contribution Award have been newly confirmed and was announced on November 11, 2022.

RISC-V processors are already being incorporated into products used daily by Japanese people, such as 5G smartphones and his AI deep learning GPUs, and the number of cores shipped is said to reach 10 billion in the first half of 2022. At this award ceremony RISC-V International CEO, Calista Redmond explains the movement of RISC-V, the status of applied products, and the products that RISC-V will bring to our lives in the near future. RISC-V Alliance Japan Representative Director, Shumpei Kawasaki, explains the products awards were bestowed upon.

In commemoration of the estimated number of cores shipped in the first half of 2022 exceeding 10 billion, RISC-V International and the general incorporated association RISC-V Association jointly announced three domestic companies, Renesas, NSITEXE, and ArchiTek. We will present the RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Award Product Contribution Award to the three companies that supported the company, Andes Technology (Taiwan), SiFive (USA), and Imperas Software (UK).

Details of Awards

Award date and time | Venue
11.18 (Fri) 12:30-13:15 | Pacifico Yokohama EdgeTech + 2022 Exhibition Hall Seminar Room A

RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Award Product Contribution Award Awardee
RISC-V International Association
General Incorporated Association RISC-V Association

RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Award Winners

(1) Renesas Electronics Corporation
Award-winning product name:
32-bit motor control MCU “R9A02G020”
64-bit general-purpose MPU “RZ/Five”
Award-winning product segments: consumer electronics, industrial IoT, Renesas products for drones

(2) NSITEXE,Inc.
Awarded product: RISC-V based parallel processor IP DR1000C
Award-winning product segment: Automotive safety-critical products

(3) ArchiTek Corporation
Awarded Product Name: ArchiTek Intelligence Pixel Engine (aIPE)
Award-winning product segments: Smart City, Human Care Solutions

RISC-V JAPAN 2022 Product Contribution Award Winners

(4) Andes Technology Corporation (Taiwan)
Award winning products: AndesCore N22, AndesCore AX45MP
Award-winning product segment: Renesas home appliances, industrial IoT, drone products

(5) Imperas Software, Ltd (UK)
Award-winning product name: Verification environment ImperasDV
Award-winning product segment: Automotive safety critical products manufactured by NSITEXE

(6) SiFive (U.S.A.)
Award-winning product name: E24 RISC-V Core
Award-winning product segments: Smart City, Human Care Solutions

Japanese URL for Awards: http://riscv.or.jp/2022/11/award/

English URL for Awards: http://riscv.or.jp/en/2022/11/award-en/

EdgeTech+2022 URL for Awards: https://f2ff.jp/introduction/7021?event_id=etexpo-2022

RISC-V Days Event Information

“RISC-V Days Tokyo 2022 Autumn” is the largest RISC-V conference in Japan. This is a place for technology PR and research presentations of RISC-V suppliers. Excellent technologies and products related to RISC-V, key persons, and engineers in fields such as AI and IoT gather together to improve product recognition, realize collaboration between companies, exchange technology, and gather information.

1. Event name: RISC-V Days Tokyo 2022 Autumn
Risk Five Days Tokyo 2022 Autumn

2. Date, time and method:
November 16th (Wednesday) 10:30-17:00 (Japan time) Live streaming online from Pacifico Yokohama North 3F G313
November 17th (Thursday) 10:30-17:00 (Japan time) Live streaming online from Pacifico Yokohama North 3F G313
November 18th (Friday) 10:30-17:00 (Japan time) Live streaming online from Pacifico Yokohama North 3F G313

3. Registration site: https://peatix.com/event/3282226/view/

4. Conference information site: https://riscv.or.jp/risc-v-days-tokyo-2022-autumn/

5. SNS:
Web: https://riscv.or.jp/
Twitter: @riscv_a
Slack: https://risc-v-association.slack.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riscv.a

6. Sponsor (tentative)
Google (Google LLC: USA), Imperas Software Ltd. (UK), SiFive (USA), Codasip (Czech Republic), Green Hills Software (USA), MIPS (China), SIGNATE Inc. (Japan), NSITEXE (Japan) , Architech Co., Ltd. (Japan), DTS Insight (Japan), eSOL TRINITY (Japan)

7. Co-sponsoring Organizations Supporting Organizations
RISC-V International (Switzerland), RISC-V Association (Japan), Embedded Systems Technology Association (Japan), NEDO New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

8. Sponsorship details: Support for holding conferences by members of the RISC-V Association

9. Organizer and operation: SH Consulting K.K.

10. Office location, telephone number, postal code, contact person
7-18-13-502 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Shunpei Kawasaki (representative)
Yasuyuki Saito (Secretariat)
Phone: 03-5565-0556, E-mail: yasuyuki<dot>saito<at>riscv<dot>or<dot>jp