nVidia, ARM, RISC-V and RISC-V Days Tokyo 2020

Last night, the face video of Jensen Huang CEO of nVidia and ARM CEO Simon Segar was released. The growth rate of RISC-V in unit shipment is 400 times of that of ARM. The RISC-V is still a new kid in the block so that is natural. ARM and nVidia laid the grounds for RISC-V’s phenomenal growth rate. In the last 25-30 years, they were both innovators in leveraging EDA tools to develop soft CPU cores to give teeth to fab infrastructure like TSMC and others.


Summary of Interview:
(1) Providing a computing platform that integrates computing companies nVidia and ARM to develop AI, cloud, and autonomously controlled machines.
(2) ARM consists of a model that provides CPU code, programming paradigm, and developer tools based on CPU technology.
(3) From the perspective of nVidia, ARM is a feat that has continued to provide power-efficient architecture, softcore licensing business model, and computer technology to chip manufacturers for 30 years.
(4) nVidia will supply nVidia technology as IP, not as a chip, by adding the partner network, nVidia’s GPU softcore. ARM Mali GPU continues.
(5) Continue to foster an open source software community centered on Linero.
(6) In anticipation of the collapse of Moore’s law, we will develop complex architectures, stack dies, and more applications.
(7) nVidia has advanced to edge IoT through ARM that uses endpoints and client devices. Deploying autonomous artificial intelligence all over the world. We provide applied technologies such as autonomous driving, smart cities, and retailing. Deploy CUDA on ARM etc. all at once.
(8) Execute a program that covers from the smallest edge to the largest supercomputer.

(9) For this purpose, nVidia will do the following four things for ARM: CPU GPU DPU, networking technology will be provided to ARM. Donated nVida’s HPC library to ARM. Provided nVidia image analysis technology. Providing HCP, cloud microservices architecture, and edge computing technology to ARM. Cooperating with Fujitsu A64, Ampere and Marvel to provide an ecosystem to ARM.

(10) Establish the world’s largest super computing center in Cambridge, England for the purpose of computing and drug discovery based on the amount of computing genes. Collaboration with GSK, AstraZeneca, Kings College, UK Biobank and Oxford Nanopore technologies.
(11) nVidia will provide drug discovery software, EDA tools, and AI tools.
(12) It is necessary to clear the regulations of the Fair Trade Commission of each country for the acquisition, but I believe that if you explain the merits, you will get an understanding.

In the week immediately following the presidential election, you have the best opportunity to get to get to know the differences of ARM and RISC-V. RISC-V Days is usually a paid event, but this year it went online in Corona and was made a free event by the courtesy of sponsors. Please join us. http://riscv.or.jp/riscv-day-tokyo-2020/