ET2019 “RISC-V Special” Frankwell Lin Andes President Interview

ET2019 “RISC-V Special Feature” 3rd day 2 o’clock President Andes ♥ ️ Interview with Frankwell Lin Andes


Date: Friday November 22, 2019 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Venue: ET Venue Open CPU Architecture Pavilion Booth No: C-54

You can listen and ask questions in Japanese.

“AndesCore is a 32-bit core IP for embedded systems. We provide total solutions for system development, focusing on custom chips with AndesCore,” Frankwell Taiwan’s Andes is a semiconductor IP vendor founded in 2005. Frankwell is known for explaining the Andean situation in a straightforward manner.

In this interview, I would like to ask the following questions.

Background to the creation of the Andes, the first discussion, the first design win, the company expansion process, the position of the ISA for the Andes, the ISA design process, the positioning of the RISC-V in the Andes portfolio, custom instruction services, business models, design We ask about the win category, etc., but we welcome any questions from the venue.